Terms of Use


Cushions and printed products (not wall drops) can be washed in 40 degrees washed inside out, delicate cycle, shrinkage negligable, Bedding towels/duvet covers can be washed in 60 degrees. Negligable shrinkage. Items that are pre washed, show approximate measurements. because of possible shrinkage in our wash process.

The linen can be purchased unwashed on a roll, minimum order 15m.

Chloe Comes in many colours, medium weave

Hedvig Comes in natural and white, heavy weave

Olivia Comes in natural and white, heavy open weave

Moa Comes in natural and white, open weave

Made in Sweden

All our products are sewn/ produced in Sweden, meaning we can maintain high quality.

Our linen is OEKO Tex 1000 certified. This means that It´s environmentally friendly and produced without any harmful substances.

The flax comes  from France and Belgium. The colouring powder is from Germany.

Products come to you washed and tumble dried, so already preshrunk. Fringed products are sewn with a zick-zack seam so it wont fray.